Mark Divo is a Zurich-raised conceptual artist and curator of the Dada tradition who has developed innovative concepts with inhabiting abandoned spaces. Divo stood behind the most vibrant and influential squatting scenes of the past two decades in Switzerland and elsewhere; founder of the first group behind Berlin’s legendary alternative art hub Tacheles in the very early 1990s, squatting houses and creating temporary museums in Zurich or Copenhagen later on, painting large murals in Vienna, Košice or Prague, Mark was spreading the idea of solidary and non-commercial culture accessible to everyone.In 2002, Divo organized the occupation of Cabaret Voltaire, the cradle of the Dada movement, to protest against its planned closure; this endowed him with even greater recognition as the driving force of community-oriented cultural happenings.


It also acted as the inauguration for Mark Divo’s International Dada Festivals, which have been held in various cities throughout the years.

Since 2005 Mark Divo has branched out to the Czech Republic, taking with him his precious collection of rubbish and exhibiting his “inhabited sculpture” in Palac Kinskych gallery, upon invitation from the Prague’s second Biennale. Since then, he has organized various large exhibitions (Proces festival in Pražská tržnice, Utopia on the Abyss art show in Veletržní palác, to name a few), founded a DIVO institute in the city of Kolín, and opened The Solution salon in Prague’s hip district Vršovice in 2013. In the beginning of 2016, he launched his latest venture, a series of cultural events titled They Met in Kolín, which will take place in intervals throughout the year at the DIVO Institute.

Mark Divo is now based in Prague, where he teaches at the Faculty of Arts in Charles University in Prague and will be holding an additional series of Dadaist seminars in his forthcoming edition of the Solution.

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