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Praying Wood II.

Praying Wood II.

Artikelnummer: KK2023II
5.800,00 CHFPreis
inkl. MwSt. |

Krištof Kintera

Praying Wood II.

Bronze, silver coated

68 x 20 x 26 cm | 2023

Limited Edition of 22

Each work unique

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    KALI Gallery exclusively presents the limited edition of the Praying Wood sculpture by Czech contemporary artist Krištof Kintera (*1973). After 10 years, this series is being reissued and offered in 3 different versions, each in an edition of only 22 pieces. The silver-coated bronze sculptures are all unique due to the artist's patina.


    This sculpture deals with the elemental principles that constantly and inevitably surround us. The relationship between man and nature, faith, unbelief, humility, religiosity, paganism, ecology... The hint of a tree figure is created by simply, skilfully, rearranging parts of tree branches. The first smaller, much smaller variants were

    created in 2013. The aluminum castings of simple figural compositions looked almost as if they had been created by a child uneducated by art history and historical context. But this very primitive composition of the self-growth, which seemingly by chance finds itself in the position of a person on his knees with his hands

    clasped to the sky, was purposeful and subtly concealed the intention to reach an important message, or rather an impulse to think, by the simplest possible means. Is it man praying to nature, or is it nature praying for man?

    Can nature even pray? Can man pray to nature? There are many similar questions, the same answers. It is important for me that the sculpture, in an understandable and decent way, encourages fundamental reflections, which are still the same and perhaps more and more relevant.

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    Estimated delivery time 4-6 weeks, depending on the country

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